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  • Practice Guitar Less, But Get Better Faster

    I use to find myself, like many, sitting in my practice room with my guitar for endless hours and finding that no matter what I did, I could never get my guitar playing to the level I wanted it. Without even realizing it, I was doing everything wrong that I could imagine…

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  • What Not to Do When Playing Guitar

    It seems that some guitar players are so focused on what they should be doing when playing guitar, that sometimes bad habits can creep in without them even knowing! Could you be one of these players?

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  • Buying a New Guitar - Secrets to the Right Guitar

    Buying a new guitar can be an often exciting moment, but you have to stop your excitement getting in the way of making an informed decision. The first thing that I will point out is that even if a guitar costs $5,000, it may not be better than a $2,000. The first rule when buying a new guitar is…

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  • How To Develop Guitar Burning Speed

    Have you sat down with your guitar, looked down at the fretboard and imagined your fingers moving so fast you can’t see them, yet know where they are going? To some, this is all they can do, but I am telling you that with a little easy consistent practice, gaining Guitar Burning Speed can be easy.

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