Guitar Mastery Method Courses:

The Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint

Begin the Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint and you’ll have started a complete instruction manual for your guitar. This 7 module course covers every topic imaginable, so you’ll be fast-tracked to strumming, soloing and playing songs quicker than you could imagine.

Learn how to play guitar like the Texas Blues legends. We dive deep into how guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan sound so great, and how you can do the same. Learn everything from the basics of blues to mixing major & minor scales together in your soloing. Complete step-by-step system to get results fast!

Discover the only step-by-step guitar System that guides you through hundreds of Country Licks & sweet Country Rhythms so you can perform in front of your friends & family, or crowd of any size,  without spending ridiculous hours practicing…

In this transformational 8-Week program you’ll discover how to apply the wickedly effective process called “Rapid Muscle Programming” which will allow you to get increased hand stretch, have lightning fast finger speed & control, gain perfect accuracy with notes, develop powerful hand strength, get perfect hand synchronization and much, much more…

Have you ever dreamed of playing classic rock like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, or Jimi Hendrix? With Classic Rock Mastery you’ll master classic rock riffs and rhythms, play hundreds of classic rock licks, take complete control of the fretboard, write your own songs, and gain the confidence to jump on any stage!

This in-depth workshop takes you step-by-step and creates a complete map on the fretboard you can use to play amazing sounding solos & feel confident jamming with any musicians playing any genre. Pentatonic, Blues & Diatonic scales and the Modes will no longer be a mystery!

26 Hot Rock Licks

Are you ready to take the step from “lick addict” to “lead guitar player”?

Instantly play killer rock licks, create your own unforgettable guitar solos, improvise with a band or backing tracks on the fly, and finally become a lead guitarist…

Discover how to take what you already know how to play on the guitar…. And times it by 10! Learn how to use a guitar capo just like the professionals. Find out how to play 100’s of songs using the same 4 chords (in the same order), how to play a song in any key and some advanced capo tricks to add some excitement to your playing.

Learn how to get perfect sounding barre chords, understand the theory behind them, how they are used in songs and how to change between chords like a pro. This course is perfect for anyone who has ever had trouble with their Barre Chords and has a lot of information that every guitarist needs to know.

(The first course released by Guitar Mastery Method). This course is designed to take a guitarist of any level and develop them into a high level guitar player. Learn the basics, increase your picking speed, accuracy & technique, learn basic to advanced theory (including scales, arpeggios, chord construction, etc.) and advanced tricks and techniques.

Develop your picking speed faster than you ever thought possible! This step-by-step workout system is designed to give you rapid results. Workouts for all levels, Beginner to Advanced. If you want to pull off your favorite solos as fast as they’re meant to be played…
This is your ticket!

A lot of slide guitar playing takes far too much effort and can rip the fun right out of it for you. Eddie shows you that you don’t have to tune your guitar to a million different tunings, and you don’t have to adjust your guitar in any way shape or form… After all… We are lazy right? You just need a slide and you’re good to go!

Begin performing great sounding licks in just 7 Days. You can fast track your guitar playing success and bypass weeks, months and even years of agony that a guitar rut can throw you in. The 7-Day Guitar Kickstart will have you falling in love with guitar playing all over again!

Secrets that will radically transform your lead guitar playing, your rhythm guitar playing, improve your tone, your feel…
 Information about how you can improve faster than anyone else around you, exactly how you can hack your brain into achieving everything you want to when it comes to your guitar playing, and more…

6 Week Rhythm & Lead Mastery Workshop

6-Week Rhythm & Lead Mastery Workshop

Available to VIP Club Members Only

After 6 weeks you’re going to breakthrough your guitar playing frustrations and develop the ONE skill you need to be regarded as a GREAT guitar player. You can master rhythm & lead simultaneously and become the guitar player you always dreamed of being..

Songwriting & Home Recording

Available to VIP Club Members Only

Here you will learn how to take information you will learn in Guitar Mastery 101 and implement it into writing and recording your own songs, producing full band recordings, using only your computer, some cheap hardware, free software and your guitar. Complete step-by-step walk-through.

Guitar Mastery Method DVDs:

18 Fretboard Hacks DVD

18 Fretboard Hacks DVD

New Shipment Arriving Soon

Join Charlie Wallace as he gudies you note-for-note through 18 powerful guitar fretboard hacks so you quickly gain a deeper understanding of the entire guitar neck and how you can use that to instantly impress anyone who sees and hears you play. You’ll discover lead guitar tricks, new ways to map out the fretboard, instant hacks to sound like a pro.

36 Guitar Playing Hacks

36 Guitar Playing Hacks DVD

New Shipment Arriving Soon

Decades of experience broken down into 36 quick, actionable hacks you can use to improve your guitar playing today. How to find a key of a song, how to swap between rhythm and lead, how to eliminate string buzz, how to make sure bends are always in tune, finding time to practice and much more…

12 Guitar Solo Improv Hacks DVD

New Shipment Arriving Soon

Charlie guides you step-by-step through 12 powerful guitar solo improv hacks that’ll have you improvising all over your fretboard in no time. Pick up your guitar and plug in the years of knowledge Charlie breaks down for you in clear-cut, bite-sized lessons.

The 15-Minute Guitarist DVD

New Shipment Arriving Soon

Discover how to get BIG results from short practice sessions with three “follow along” guitar practice sessions that use the E.M.A. Formula to maximize results. You’ll also get a 15 minute practice session timer so you can take what you’ve learned and create your own 15 minute practice sessions so you can grow big time as a guitarist, even when you’re in a rush.

The 15-Minute Blues Guitarist

The 15-Minute Blues Guitarist DVD

New Shipment Arriving Soon

Join Eddie Haddad as he guides you through 3 power-packed blues practice sessions which guarantee you see BIG results in the shortest amount of time possible. Discover how to get BIG results from short practice sessions with three “follow along” guitar practice sessions that use the E.M.A. Formula to maximize results.

Unlock The Fretboard DVD

Unlock The Fretboard DVD

New Shipment Arriving Soon

This DVD contains 3 infromational packed lessons designed to give you a massive leap in your understanding of therory and how it applies to the guitar fretboard, Taught and explained in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner, what used to be complicated is now reduced to an easy to follow formula.

Six-String Seduction

Six-String Seduction

New Shipment Arriving Soon

Want to add a little seduction to your soloing? Experience Six String Seduction and you’ll uncover the secrets behind the world’s greatest guitarists so you too can seduce any crowd with your playing!


Guitar Mastery Method VIP Club

This is our highest form of membership and gives the member access to:

  • Every guitar lesson course ever created by our company Guitar Mastery Method (This also includes any we release while the member is subscribed to the VIP Club)
  • A minimum of 4 live interactive guitar workshops every month. All recorded and placed into the online member’s area
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Access to our private VIP Club Member’s Only Facebook Community

500+ step-by-step video streaming guitar lessons with downloadable PDF reference material

To Join the VIP Club, You Must Apply Below:

1-on-1 With Charlie:

(Limited Spaces)

Do you have a goal you really want to achieve with your guitar playing? Work 1-on-1 with Charlie to make it happen. Charlie will help you identify what you really want and create a clear path for you to achieve those goals. These 1-on-1 sessions are focused on strategy and goal achievement. They are tough and will challenge your beliefs about what you think you are capable of. Your current guitar playing skill is not important, but your determination and commitment to follow through and achieve your goals is.

Note: Dates and times may need to be changed to fit in with Charlie’s recording and touring schedule.

Video Call Lessons
(Via Skype)

$997 USD per 1-hour session


In-Person Lessons at Charlie’s Home Studio

$20,000 USD (3 Days)