The Guitar Mastery Method VISION

At Guitar Mastery Method we see our future clearly… we feel it, taste it, and from this, we craft it. More importantly, we share this with you so you can get on board with what we’re building, and we’ll build it together. Charlie Wallace (our CEO) couldn’t have taken us this far without a super clear vision. This is our vision and we will achieve this through our daily massive action!

100,000 Success Stories

We are impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of guitar players all across the world and we want to celebrate their success.

We have a wall in our office dedicated to our amazing members. The screen in the middle of this wall displays the success stories of our members. Their gratitude towards Guitar Mastery Method can be felt as you watch these guys pour their heart out sharing what they can now do, all thanks to their decision to join us at Guitar Mastery Method.

We want to create 100,000 Success Stories and on top of that, impact the lives of 1,000,000 guitar players by giving them the ability to perform on “stage”.

Here’s why…

A stage can come in many forms, so whether it’s a stadium, a local bar for an open mic night or performing for friends and family at Christmas time, performing with your guitar to an audience is about connection. Through this, we give guitarists connection with their audience, fathers connect with their children, grandfathers connect with their grandchildren, so they become their hero through the music.

We join forces with our members to make sure they…

  • Defeat the inner doubt so many of us face every day and prove that “YES, YOU CAN DO THIS!”
  • Fulfill their dream of holding their own album of original songs in their hands, sharing that music with friends, family, the world.
  • Gain the skills and confidence to play in a band for the first time.
  • Further develop their abilities so that they can comfortably perform in front of an audience and fulfill their childhood dream of becoming a kick-ass lead guitarist.
  • Create lifelong friendships between members in our community and support EVERYONE who has the dream of playing the guitar on whatever “stage” they want to perform on.

Listen to what our Members have to say!

Because through our member’s community we have made a place where us “misfits” all fit in. A place where people of all walks of life can sit down and speak with thousands of guitar players from all over the world. We all share the same avid passion for the instrument.

And for those that want to reach for the stars, we give you all the tools & support necessary to make that dream a reality…

At Guitar Mastery Method we’re willing to go to the end of the earth for you and your dreams.


    Our team is our most valuable asset. After all, “You are the average of the people you spend the most time with”, right?… Every single team member is here because they deserve to be, because we respect our team far too much to let any ‘wrong fit’ bring the team’s energy down…

    Which is why we take the hiring process so seriously. When you become a part of the family, we invest in your personal growth. We know you’re here to fulfill the mission and grow with us, so we will help YOU with your life goals… If you don’t quite have that figured out yet, you will soon!

    Guitar Mastery Method isn’t just a team, we are FAMILY.

    You’ll often hear members of the GMM Team saying things like, “Wow, I can’t believe this job actually exists” or “It’s crazy because we’re all so invested”

    The RIGHT Core Values For Us!

    This is Guitar Mastery Method’s Vivid Vision for 2020. We see our future clearly, feel it, taste it, and from this, we craft it. More importantly, we share this with you so you can get on board with what we’re building, and we’ll build it together. Charlie Wallace (our CEO) couldn’t have taken us this far without a super clear vision. This is our vision and we will achieve this through our daily massive action!

    Most companies come up with their core values like this… Management sits round and discusses what problems or frustrations they have with the company and throw a few words out there to solve those issues… No one’s interested in that.

    Or the team gets together and spits out a bunch of words that they want to stand for… And they find it difficult to stick to these values because it’s not a natural fit for them.

    Guitar Mastery Method’s Core Values were given to us from our day-to-day efforts.  – Each Core Value has a purpose and represents us for who we already are.





    The entire team’s behind our core values, head, heart, & soul, and we hold each other accountable to perform to our core values each and every day.

    What We Do Different

    After years and years of 1-on-1 guitar teaching, a love for neuroscience, a passion for guitar, a hunger for motivation, and Charlie’s (some would say “obsessive”) competitive nature…

    Charlie created a ‘method’ for guitar lessons that simply give you results.

    Guitar Mastery Method’s instructors have adopted these teaching methods, because when it comes to guitar lessons there’s 2 schools of thought…

    1. “I’m going to create a guitar lesson”


    2. Gun to the head / Smashing it out of the park!

    “There’s a gun pointed at my head and if I don’t make the best lesson in the world on this subject, I’m going to die. This lesson MUST deliver the tangible result I promise it will!”

    We’re aiming to smash it out of the park. And there’s no other option.

    Every single time a GMM Instructor creates a lesson they’re standing at the plate of a baseball field and they swing that bat as hard as they can.

    We aim for the best. And we strike hard!

    “The Best Guitar Community In The World”

    We go above and beyond to deliver the best possible lessons and information to our members… And one thing our members love most is the connection, care, support, and passion that they experience when they open up Facebook, all thanks to the Guitar Mastery Method Communities.

    “We’re one big happy guitar family” as most of ‘em say.

    We provide a safe place for our members to share videos, struggles, wins, all things guitar related, and we will always make sure we give them supportive, encouraging, and motivating responses.

    Guitar Mastery Method has become more than we’d ever thought it could and we pride ourselves for having the BEST guitar community online – Hands down!

    From Humble Beginnings

    It all started in a small house on a hill in a small town… Charlie Wallace had a vision, a dream, to give the world a NEW kick-ass rock ‘n roll band that could impact millions of people.

    Now this dream of Charlie’s feeds an even bigger goal of creating 100,000 guitar player success stories… We’ll tackle that mission on the next page…

    Charlie knew that creating a monumental rock band was a big task, especially because previous efforts to build this kinda success through rock n’ roll alone had failed in the past. He knew that the ONLY way to make this dream possible was to build a company and create an income that would contribute to funding this dream…

    Except, after 3 long hard years of filming, planning, developing his skills, Charlie released Guitar Mastery Method upon the world. ‘Guitar Mastery 101’ was GMM’s first ever guitar course…And it worked. Imagine working your ass off on a project for 3 years without earning a single dollar until that day…

    It became super-clear that not only would Guitar Mastery Method be able to contribute to Charlie’s dream of being a lead guitarist in a world-touring rock band, but more importantly GMM was impacting GMM employees & hundreds of thousands of guitar players lives. And dramatically too…

    It’s all because we join forces with our members to fulfill their dreams of playing for their friends & family, jumping up on stage, becoming a guitar player in a band, playing weekly shows, recording their own songs and having them air on LIVE radio, and so much more…

    Charlie had created something much bigger than anyone ever believed and he fell in love with helping guitar players all over the world.

    Black Smoke Trigger

    Guitar Mastery Method wouldn’t exist today if founder & CEO Charlie Wallace didn’t have a dream to be the lead guitarist of the world’s biggest rock band.

    And the same can be said about Black Smoke Trigger… So although BST and GMM are ‘separate’, they both feed each other creating a universe of support and downright awesomeness on every level.

    These boys are going places and we’re all on board to help them claim the title. If hard work and determination was all that’s needed they’d already hold the “World’s BIGGEST Rock Band” trophy in the palm of their hands.

    GMM HeadQuarters

    We work in an epic open space environment. We are a team and we are family. We all belong in the same room.

    Classic Rock & Blues is plastered throughout, from great rock n roll music, to the guitar legends painted on the walls. It’s fast-paced Rock n’ Roll, just the way we like it!

    Here are our visions for our perfect HQ:

    Final Thoughts?

    We all have a responsibility to feed something that is far greater than any of us, and 2020 is the year we go all in and GROW beyond belief!

    If you’re reading this your support is more than appreciated! Thank you for helping us inspire the world through music and make life a whole lot more fulfilling.

    If you’re involved with Guitar Mastery Method or Black Smoke Trigger in any way – Join us in kicking some ass this year!!

    Have you seen the GMX Documentary Yet?

    Learn More About Your Instructors

    Charlie Wallace

    Charlie Wallace is the founder and CEO of Guitar Mastery Method. 
    He is also an international touring guitarist and an online guitar teacher (exclusively for Guitar Mastery Method). 

    Charlie grew up playing basketball and spends a lot of his spare time playing it and watching the NBA. He currently lives in his home country of New Zealand.

    Eddie Haddad

    Eddie has toured across the US and performed internationally, sharing the stage with legendary acts such as Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Hank Williams Jr, Modern English, Flock of Seagulls and more.

    He has recorded in iconic studios as a session guitarist, performed on national television and appeared on multiple TV shows. With 15+ years of teaching guitar, he brings a wealth of experience and a whole lot of love.

    Owen Vickers

    Owen Vickers is a professional guitarist and online guitar teacher with over 25+ years experience (exclusively teaching for Guitar Mastery Method).

    He spends a lot of his spare time playing many different sports, and currently lives in his home country of New Zealand.

    Will Ripley

    Will is a passionate guitarist and graduate of Berklee College Of Music’s Canadian Affiliate School, The Selkirk College.

    He has toured, performed and recorded with Grammy award winning musicians, and has shared the stage with members from bands such as Jethro Tull, David Bowie and many more.

    He’s appeared on MTV and national radio stations and as you can imagine, is one amazing guitarist.

    Mike Baelde

    Mike Baelde, also a graduate of The Selkirk College in Performance For Guitar.

    Mike is an award-winning guitarist and will blow you away with his incredible guitar skill and amazing teaching ability.


    He has toured extensively across Canada and was the head instructor for the Vancouver Guitar School.


    Arielle has a degree from Musician’s Institute in L.A. and continued her education at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

    She has opened and played with a range of bands and musicians such as Guns N’ Roses, members of Deep Purple, Billy Ray Cyrus, Eric Johnson, Gregg Allman, and Cee Lo Green.

    Arielle was hand-picked by guitarist Brian May for a key role in the London-based musical, “We Will Rock You,” has featured on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine

    Arielle tours extensively – you can catch her live on the road, and find her lessons in your VIP Members area.

    A Note From Founder, Charlie Wallace

    “After playing guitar for so many years, I realized that I really did learn a lot of things the hard way. I taught myself to play mainly from random & scrambled information I found online which more often than not, left me more confused than anything. I kept picking up everything I could and I eventually got some pretty awesome experiences out of playing guitar. Getting to play to huge audiences, recording in awesome recording studios, getting to shoot music videos and getting to tour internationally playing with my band. This taught me that dedication does really pay off, and I found that since I had learned how to play guitar the ‘hard way’, I seemed to have a knack for showing people how EASY playing guitar can be.”

    “I’ve been teaching guitar since I was 16, my first gig was teaching in schools. It was quite odd for me going from being a ‘troublesome student’ in the eyes of my teachers to sitting in staff rooms. It wasn’t long after that I decided to start teaching privately. I started to realize that I had a whole bunch of knowledge now, that I wished I could send back in a time capsule to my younger self so I could learn in a more organized manner with the correct information put in the correct order so I could get much faster results. So I set out on creating that course to help guitarists around the world so they don’t have to go through the same struggles that I went through.”

    “That course is called ‘Guitar Mastery 101’ and was the first course released under Guitar Mastery Method. Now with more courses that have been released and plenty more on the way, Guitar Mastery Method has become an awesome resource for guitarists of all ages and of all levels.”


    Get Started With Your Lessons!

    We’re here to help you along your guitar playing journey. Check out the best we have to offer on our courses page here and get started with your lessons. We offer a 60-day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on all our courses so you know you are going to be taken care of.