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Without seeing constant results and experiencing quick wins with your guitar, it’s easy to go days, weeks or even months without playing…

Which is exactly why an incredibly fun, go-to guitar riff just like this one is a MUST for you as a guitarist!

Despite what you might’ve heard about ‘chasing riffs’, guitar riffs are the gateway to seeing incredibly fast results with your guitar playing.

As a beginner guitar player, learning easy guitar riffs is one of the fastest ways possible to discover new techniques and build your coordination and dexterity.

You’ll discover many guitar riffs like this one are also great guitar exercises. Memorize a few of your favorites and you’ve now got a solid practice session for whenever you’ve got 5 minutes to spend on your guitar.

If you knew that seeing incredible results with your guitar playing required nothing more than a 5 minute practice session, would you pick up your guitar every day?

I’ve designed this free practice session cheat sheet to map out exactly what you should be playing on your guitar to maximize every single minute you’ve got!

Thousands of my students have gone from picking up their guitar once a month, to playing every single day, all thanks to a simple practice session guideline.

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