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Rock ballad backing track in Eb major. Use this backing track to play along using the Eb major scale (Eb Ionian mode).

The chords are in three sections:

Section 1
| Abadd9 | Abadd9 | Ebadd9 | Ebadd9 | x2

Section 2
| Cm Bb/D | Ebadd9 | x2

Section 3
| Ab | Bb | Cm | Cm | x2

For all these chords you can play the Eb major scale. Grab the PDF here: <PDF link>. It has the chords and a fretboard diagram of the Eb major scale notes you can play.

The chords are much easier to play if you use a capo on the 3rd fret. Check out the PDF reference material to see the chord diagrams.

Try and play every note with as much emotion as possible! Focus on your phrasing, using bends, vibrato and letting the notes breathe.