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OK… so you’ve bought your first axe and you’re on YouTube, eager and ready to learn to play guitar! Boy am I glad you’re here! It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you should learn first. I’m here to tell you that before you’ve into learning your favorite songs right off the bat, that you take the time learning guitar scales.

But not just any guitar scales, THE guitar scale! The one we cover in this video is hands-down the MOST important scale you should learn before you learn anything else! As far as beginner guitar scales go, this scale automatically makes you a more knowledgeable guitar player whether you know it or not!

So like I said, this ain’t your average scale, just like this ain’t your average YouTube guitar lesson 😉

Today we’re going to learn to play guitar the right way, by learning the best set of notes that’ll get you started with becoming a genuine guitar player. This one scale will cover a whole gamut of other beginner guitar scales automatically… you’ll just have to watch the whole video to find out what I’m talking about.

In this YouTube guitar lesson, I’ll break down the scale for you in super duper detail. I’ll also break down each of the other beginner guitar scales that you’ll automatically learn, piece by piece.

By the end of this video, learning guitar scales will become a breeze for you. And you’ll learn to play guitar like a champ with these scales under your belt. Knowing this particular scale is the equivalent of working SMARTER, not harder, when it comes to beginner guitar scales.

This is your first step in visualizing all the patterns and roadmaps that exist on your guitar’s fretboard. From this point on you’re going to be learning more scales, chords, and songs; and more and more the dots will be connected and you’ll have a solid understanding of how the guitar is played.

Not to mention you’ll find that the one scale we learn today contains tons of other scales, open position chords, and even some of your favorite guitar riffs! Not too shabby 🙂

Rock On 🤘🏼
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