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If you think your guitar picking sucks, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Guitar picking was something I’ve struggled with for a long time before I finally realized what kind of picking practice and picking exercises are needed to get a good handle on that technique.

Now that I’ve discovered them and since put them to the test, I am passing down to you a picking exercise that will clean up your guitar picking in no time!

This lesson will be pretty straightforward, I’m going to show you a particular picking exercise that is going to get your alternate picking clean, even, and precise.

But while it’s tempting to work speed into picking exercises like this, we want to focus more on the precision and movement of our picking hand.

So I’ll show you this picking exercise and break it down for you, piece-by-piece, and go over the exact picking movements to get through each part. After that, all you have to do is repeat the picking exercise as many times as it takes to get the overall feel of your picking practice.

We’ll even go over a little hack to get your guitar picking much cleaner as you go across all of your strings!

By the end of the lesson you’ll have more than enough tools for picking practice to get your picking far, far out of the “suck” category and start making some serious progress.

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