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Eric Clapton Scale Secret
He Snuck Past Us!

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Want a straight-to-the-point Eric Clapton guitar lesson that’ll get you playing like the legend himself right away?! You’ve come to the right video!

This short and sweet lesson gets right to the meat of how the great Eric Clapton got his sound based on the notes he often played.

Speaking of his sound, we’ll also talk a bit about how he got his famous “Woman Tone”!

This Eric Clapton lesson brings together the essence of his lead guitar playing and condenses it into a SUPER SCALE that I like to call the “Claptatonic Scale”.

I will show you this scale, and of course break down some badass Clapton-esque licks to go along with it. This wouldn’t be a proper Eric Clapton guitar lesson without some licks!

Once you learn everything I show you in the lesson, you’ll be able to instantly apply it to your own playing, while leaving plenty of room for you to add your own flair to them and even play them in different musical keys!

📙 SPEAKING OF MUSICAL KEYS!! Don’t forget to grab your FREE Guitar Cheat Sheet here!

👆 That Cheat Sheet will take what you just learned and blast it into infinity and beyond! We went over guitar licks in the key of Dm today, but imagine being able to play guitar licks in EVERY other key under the sun! That’s what you’ll get when you click that link!

As you’re learning these licks and applying, just remember to take your time and have fun with it! Maybe even teach them to someone else and pay it forward. 🙂

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