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In this lesson I will show you 4 guitar finger exercises used by every great guitarist.

There are 2 great guitar finger exercises you can do off the guitar, and 2 you can do on the guitar.  I will take you through these step-by-step in this video lesson.

These guitar finger exercises will allow you to play guitar much cleaner, sync up your picking and fretting hands, play faster and allow you to be able to practice guitar for longer, with less hand fatigue…

VERY IMPORTANT! These guitar hand exercises are designed to give your fingers, hands and arms a stretch, but they should not cause ANY pain. If you experience any pain while doing these, STOP and consult a medical professional.

One thing I find really helpful after these stretches is to put my hands in a bowl of warm water. It helps relax the muscles a little 🙂

The guitar finger exercises without your guitar will really help with your ability to stretch on the guitar. You know how sometimes you try to play a chord or lead part, and your fingers don’t want to reach some notes? These exercises will fix that up!

The first exercise is specifically for your fingers. The second one is for your wrists and forearms. It’s important to target all parts of your fingers, hands and arms when stretching. For some more great stretching exercises for guitarists, check out this video:

After we have worked on stretching out our fingers, arms and wrists, it’s time to play guitar! I will show you 2 finger exercises on the guitar that are going to sync up your picking and fretting hands.

These guitar finger exercises are also going to build strength and stamina in your hands and fingers. So you’ll be able to practice longer, without fatigue.

As well as improving your fingers and hands on your fretting hand, these exercises will make your picking far cleaner and much more accurate.

These finger exercises for guitar players are not about speed. Make sure you play them slow enough that you are hitting every note cleanly. The speed will come as you develop your finger strength and accuracy.

The on-guitar exercises are best played to a metronome. Start with a comfortable speed, so that you are getting every note in-time. Then aim to speed up the metronome just 3 BPM each day. You’ll be amazed how quickly your speed will improve!