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Spice up your Rhythm Guitar
with THESE Ghost Notes!

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Let’s be honest… we don’t spend nearly as much time improving our rhythm guitar chops, don’t we?

I’m in the same boat, there is never enough progress I can make when it comes to rhythm guitar.

After all, if you took my lessons in the past you know that I am a firm believer in being a solid rhythm guitar player above anything else.

In fact, it’s the foundation that ultimately reflects how good of a lead guitarist you could be!

In this lesson we’re going to talk about and start using rhythm guitar’s best friend: ghost notes!

Nothing says you have a solid control of rhythm more than using ghost notes. So we’re going to use them in this lesson to instantly level up your rhythm guitar.

I’ll give you two examples of ghost notes used in some of the most iconic guitar styles, and from there you’ll be able to add them into pretty much anything you do!

I’ll break down as simply as possible the very building blocks of this style and how you can apply it right away.

I’ll also show you some tricks that will get your rhythm guitar hands in the best shape for maximum, free-flowing groove!

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