I once felt that no matter what I did, no matter how much I practiced and no matter how hard I fought, I would never be able to play at the speeds of Guitar Gods such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Slash, Zakk Wylde and all the rest…

I had tried multiple guitar speed techniques but nothing worked. This made me absolutely miserable as this was my ultimate goal on the guitar! I soon found out that I was not alone, I made a few posts on Guitar forums and found hundreds, and eventually thousands of like minded Guitarists stuck in a rut they could not get out of. This is what fueled me.

I finally decided, no matter what, nothing was going to stop me, I was going to get ‘Guitar Burning Speed’. The first thing I now thought of was, how the hell am I going to do that? I started looking everywhere I possibly could to find information on how to develop muscles in ways that would allow me to move faster, have more dexterity and ultimately more control over my fingers so they would go exactly where I wanted them to. My search took many weeks, I actually decided to give up, twice! But I struggled on and after talking to a whole lot of Guitar players, Doctors, Physicians and Athletes I finally found what I was looking for.

I went home and started applying the exercises I was taught by these people… The thing is, I found out that I was creating a huge short cut in reaching Guitar Burning Speed. I made a schedule that took only 30 minutes that I was to do everyday. I set up a table on my computer to document my results and got started on that very day.

I noticed after I did the exercises my hand actually felt like it had been working very hard, the next day the exercises were so much easier it actually scared me. I was told that I would achieve explosive muscle strength and speed very fast but I had no idea it could happen this fast.

Long story short, in 2 months I increased my Guitar playing speed by 400% (with massive results in a much shorter time). Needless to say I was amazed. All I wanted to do was to share what I had found with the world. I realized that most Guitarists would not believe me, and not even try it, but I didn’t care because I am living proof that it works! These unique guitar speed exercises were what I had been looking for, for years.

The funny thing is, the way you actually execute the exercises is in such a way that when you can finally play fast, it’s very easy and doesn’t take much work to keep up that speed.

Obviously, the “use it or lose it” thing does have some affect, however once you have developed your speed to a high level, playing guitar becomes so much more fun that you don’t really have to worry about NOT using it.

The exact method I used to gain this huge increase in my guitar playing speed is much to big to fit into this article, but to get you started on your journey, pick up your guitar now and start playing. Go download a metronome (search on Google, there are plenty of free ones online) and start playing everything you know to it, keeping your timing perfect. Then slowly increase the BPM (Beat Per Minute) until you are playing at the speed you always wanted.

If you are interested in the exact exercises I used to develop my guitar picking speed, check out the products tab on GuitarMasteryMethod.com, I have put everything into an easy to implement workout schedule complete with video timer and progress tracking chart.

Decide you will stop at nothing to achieve the picking speed you want to achieve and go get started!