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How To DOUBLE Your Speed
and Sound GREAT Doing It

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Progress Killer


Guitar speed… fast fingers… It’s something most guitar players hope to achieve in their lifetime.

It seems like an especially lofty goal, and it can be… unless you’re taking steps to build fast fingers the right way.

In this lesson I will show you a series of licks that not only encourage your fingers to increase their speed on the fretboard, but also sound KILLER and can easily be adapted to your lick arsenal.

These guitar speed focused licks were designed to be as effective as exercises but still have the satisfaction of executing a badass guitar lick that will make you beyond excited to pick up the guitar and play it over and over again!

If you’ve taken my lessons before, you know I always preach that the trick to guitar speed is to start slow. The reason for this is you can’t just kick things off by playing fast if you’ve never done it before, the trick is to start slow and precise so that way when you build speed you maintain that precision. Because no one likes a sloppy guitarist!

I’ll break down each of these licks for you, piece by piece, and whether you are able to start off playing them fast or slowly, they are going to have a massive impact on your progress towards fast fingers.

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