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In this video I show you how to play Purple Haze, the Jimi Hendrix classic. I cover the intro, verse and turn-around. In a future lesson I’ll also show you some extra licks Jimi puts in through the rhythm part and of course the two solos. As far as the sound goes, Hendrix used a Fuzz Face pedal, so get a similar sound I am running my Fender Stratocaster straight through the Amplitube 3 plugin using the Purple Haze preset. It’s definitely a good idea to take this slow and make sure you nail everything, while learning how to play Purple Haze, just remember that Jimi never played anything the same twice… He always worried more about feel that accuracy. Get it nice and solid first, then feel free to start playing around with everything. Make sure you download the Purple Haze guitar tab, you can find it at the link posted above. This will help you follow along through this lesson.