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When you first pick up a guitar, you want to play songs, right? Well, the first thing you need to learn to play songs is some chords! In this video lesson I show you how to play your first guitar chord.

Playing chords is the first step to becoming a great guitar player, and starting with easy chords is a great way to ease yourself into the world of guitar playing.

One of the easiest chords to get started with is the E minor chord. In this video I will take you slowly, and step-by-step, through the best way to play this chord, and get it sounding good.

As well as showing you your first chord, this lesson has some great practical advice for playing chords cleanly, without the buzzing and dead sounding strings. It can be frustrating to strum a chord and not have all the notes sound out, and this is something I will help you solve in this video 🙂

When you are starting out on the guitar, and even after years of playing, your fingers and hands will get some soreness. Make sure to check out this video on stretching before you practice:

Enjoy learning your first chord on the guitar, it’s the beginning of an amazing musical journey!