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Need a killer guitar solo lick to instantly impress your listener?

In this killer guitar solo lick lesson, I’m giving you a powerful lick that covers almost every technique.

I break this lick down for you piece-by-piece. Making it easy to digest, 1 section at a time. You can start out by playing this killer lick slowly and build speed as you build more confidence with this epic guitar lick.

Because this killer guitar solo lick covers a good chunk of your guitar fretboard, and it uses a lot of different guitar techniques, you’re getting A LOT just by learning this guitar lick.

This guitar solo lick is like lifting every weight at the gym at once, and is the perfect guitar exercise for you to grow as a guitar player. Especially if you want to play killer guitar solos.

Play along with this guitar solo lick step-by-step and you’ll instantly impress your friends, family, and a crowd of any size!