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Is this the guitar chord to end all guitar chords? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing is for sure, this guitar chord gets people’s attention.

This particular guitar chord might be unlike any of the guitar chords you’ve currently come across. Just it’s crazy name alone sets it apart!

In this lesson I’m going to break down the chord (with a minimal amount of theory required) and show you how you can play it and add it to your guitar chord bag o’ tricks.

This chord can invoke a lot of emotion just by itself, but to me it works perfectly as a way to end a lick played in a minor key.

You can throw in some sweet minor pentatonic licks and then use that special guitar chord to end it as the cherry on top.

Not to mention this is one of those guitar chords that carries a musical “intelligence” to it. When you play it, it gives a sense that you know what you’re doing as a guitar player. That’s always a nice feeling.|

When you unlock the fretboard and understand how to use this special guitar chord in any key, you’ll have command over your guitar and the ability to bring out the deepest emotions from your listeners. In my opinion, that’s the highest level of musical experiences!

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My #1 rule as always is to HAVE FUN with what you learn here! Take this new knowledge and put it through its paces, beyond just what I suggest you do with it.

Guitar chords are not meant to be put in a box, you can use them however you like, as long as they truly sound good to YOU, you’re on the right track in my book 🙂

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