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Need a super fun and fulfilling guitar exercise to keep you going for a while? I got you 🙂

I know I’ve been layin’ it on thick with the guitar exercise videos lately, but I’m wanting to give you a smorgasbord of variety to get your skills cranking in a multitude of different ways.
That being said, this lesson holds a type of guitar exercise you haven’t seen from me yet, and boy is it a good one! Like the title of this lesson suggests, it’s SUPER addicting.

And you wanna know what makes guitar exercises like this so damn addicting? The fact that they simply don’t sound like guitar exercises. You can pass this off as a riff or lick without changing a thing! Not to mention learn a new scale you may not have encountered before.

That’s my kinda guitar exercise, one that you can play like a riff or lick, while all kinds of techniques are getting worked on in your hands.

This particular guitar exercise will get your hammer ons and pull offs in ship shape, gain you some stretchability in your fretting hand, and make your legato playing way more fluid.

In the lesson I’ll break the exercise down, piece by piece, and even teach you the scale that it’s based on. Once we go through the entire guitar exercises I’ll show you how to turn it into MULTIPLE guitar exercises by playing the same pattern across the other strings!

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