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There are few styles of guitar playing as stank face-inducing as funk guitar. And in this lesson, we are going to introduce you to the ways of the guitar funk.

Funk guitar is a style of playing that leans a lot on your sense of rhythm. If you are wanting to get your picking hand more locked in and REALLY make a statement, this is the funk guitar lesson for you!

In the video I will show you a tasty funk guitar riff and break it down for you, piece by piece. And we’ll explore all of the ways that make that riff a classic example of bonafide guitar funk.

You’ll start to see the subtle nuances of what makes funk guitar so… funky! After all, this wouldn’t be a proper funk guitar lesson if we didn’t go over the mechanics of guitar funk that are at play when you rock this riff.

Later on we’ll even look at how you can take that riff and make it even FUNKIER. Because we all know, things can always get funkier.

It’s safe to say that by the time you’re done watching this lesson, you’ll be properly introduced to the art of the funk guitar.

Even better, you’ll be able to start applying these techniques to other riffs that you already know! Because why not sprinkle some guitar funk in other styles? I do it all the time! 😉

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Funk On!
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