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I hope you’re ready, because this is not your typical guitar scale exercise!

We’re going to take our fretting fingers (all 4 of them) on a ride that’ll get them stronger and faster than what you would get practicing your typical diatonic or pentatonic scale exercise.

This guitar scale might seem familiar, as it harkens back to the “spider walk” style exercise in lessons past. But this time, we’re not learning a modified version of a guitar scale, this one is as pure as any of the other guitar scales out there.

The most obvious benefit is that it gets ALL of your fretting fingers working, and spans them across the fretboard in a way that you may not have seen before.

What I love about this particular guitar scale exercise is that playing through it can easily turn into a fun game. You can reward yourself by “unlocking” more notes in it as you make your way back and forth through the guitar scale pattern.

Once you get the hang of how you can use this guitar scale exercise, it no longer becomes “boring” and quickly goes into being pretty dang addicting! Your fingers are getting a fretboard education that’ll boost the stats of your fretting and picking hands like never before!

Personally, this is a perfect guitar scale exercise to practice while you’re lounging about at home with your guitar in hand.

It doesn’t take long to get the gist of how it goes, so you can just let your fingers fly through the guitar scale without thinking. Absolutely perfect to add to your practice repertoire, even casually!

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You now have access to all the information you will ever need to create the ultimate guitar scale exercise routines. All that is left for you is to have fun while you’re at ‘em! 🙂

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