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To play the guitar with real emotion and feeling, you must master vibrato.

Of all the guitar techniques that are vital to learn, vibrato is the one that will make your playing have the most passion. Techniques like bending, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs will add a lot of emotion to your playing, but a great vibrato technique will make you sound like a true professional.

Today we are focusing on vibrato on guitar. What is it, and how do you use it.

Vibrato is what can turn a good sounding guitar lick into a great sounding guitar lick! Vibrato is a technique that singers use to add emotion to their voices, and we have that same ability on guitar.

What is vibrato on guitar? Vibrato is the raising and lowering of a note slightly, by bending and releasing the string. In this video lesson, I show you the technique you will need to do this.

There are a number of different types of vibrato on guitar; wrist, finger, whole arm and trem bar vibrato. I demonstrate all these in the lesson.

The most common style of vibrato on electric guitar is the wrist vibrato. It is important to get your thumb and index finger in the correct position on the neck for a good wrist vibrato. Watch the video to see this demonstrated.

It’s important to practice slowly, with slow vibrato and, when it is sounding good, speed it up. Having complete control of the vibrato will make it sound musical, and add so much feeling to your guitar playing.

Once you have the technique down, try speeding up and slowing down the vibrato, and vary the amount of pitch you are bending.

Finger vibrato is used more often by classical guitar players, and sometimes on acoustic guitar. Whole arm vibrato is a technique used by guitar players like Eric Clapton. Trem bar vibrato is used by guitar players like Hank Marvin and David Gilmour. I show all these techniques in the video.

There are also 3 great sounding licks using vibrato for you to learn and put into your own guitar solos.