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In this lesson I will give you 3 simple lead guitar tricks that you can use to make your guitar playing more spicy!

These guitar techniques will allow you to put more sizzle and emotion into your solos. They are simple guitar techniques, but very effective, and sound really great.

The 3 lead guitar tricks I take you through in this lesson involve dynamics, double stops and playing out-of-scale notes in a good way. If you are learning how to play lead guitar, then you definitely want to get these lead guitar tricks into your practice routine.

Often the most simple guitar techniques can have the biggest impact. Using picking dynamics is one of these. By just picking the string with varying intensity, and changing up the timing you use, you can really bring a guitar lick to life. Lead guitar trick #1 shows you exactly how to do that. I will show you lick #1 with normal picking and then again with some dynamic picking, so you can hear how this technique affects you sound.

In the second lick I show you how to use a double stop to add some growl to your playing! A double stop is when you play 2 notes at the same time, often on adjacent strings. It’s a guitar technique that is used in all styles of music, to great effect. We will also be learning a double stop bend, which is a very spicy thing indeed!

The last guitar trick is to take an out-of-scale note and go into a note that is part of the scale. I explain all this in the video, and show you some examples. Playing a note that is considered ‘wrong’ and then applying techniques like slides or bends to it, gives a really cool, and very different, sound. It’s a guitar trick that can make your playing really stand out from the crowd.

Grab the PDF, follow along with the licks in the video, and get spicy with your guitar playing! 🙂