Do You Need To Learn Guitar Music Theory And Learn Guitar Scales To Play Well?

Do You Need To Learn Guitar Music Theory And Learn Guitar Scales To Play Well?

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Do You Need To Learn Guitar Music Theory And Learn Guitar Scales To Play Well?

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Guitar music theory can seem like a very scary thing when you start out playing the guitar. There seems to be so much to learn! But is it really important to learn guitar theory and learn guitar scales?

Theory is a small word that covers a huge subject. Guitar music theory can be something as small as knowing the notes of the musical alphabet, or as complex as harmonizing scales, or writing entire musical scores in your head.

When it comes to scales, do you need to know the intervals that make up every scale and mode on the guitar neck cold?

There is a wide range of knowledge to take in when it comes to guitar music theory and guitar scales. And how far you take it depends on what your goal is. If you play classical guitar, jazz guitar, or if you are writing scores, you will need a lot of music theory knowledge.

If your goal is to play rock, blues or pop guitar music, then not so much guitar music theory is needed.

There are a few things that you absolutely must learn. The notes of the musical alphabet is one of these. The notes, and the sharps and flats, are simple to learn, and I cover this in the lesson.

Also, you should know where those notes are on the fretboard. At least on the low E string and the A string. Once you know the notes on the E and A strings, you can use octaves to work out the rest of the notes on the guitar neck. Check out this video lesson for more information:

When it comes to scales you need to know the Major scale. Once you know the Major scale, all the other scales and modes become much easier. Another scale you will need to learn is the Pentatonic scale, in all 5 positions on the neck.

You also need to learn the difference between major and minor chords. And where you can play a major and minor scale on the guitar over those chords.

In this lesson I will show you what you need to know in the way of guitar music theory, and scale knowledge, and give playing examples.

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Owen Vickers is a professional guitarist and online guitar teacher (exclusively for Guitar Mastery Method). Owen has played and taught guitar for over 25 years. He spends much of his spare time playing many different sports. He currently lives in his home country of New Zealand.