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All guitar players need to spend some serious time on their rhythm guitar playing. In every style of music, being a good rhythm guitar player is so important.

This video lesson focuses on playing rhythm in a rock guitar style. We will look at using power chords to create some epic sounding rock guitar!

Power chords can be played with 2 or 3 strings. In this rock guitar lesson I show you how to play both ways.

A power chord is made up of a root note and a 5th. I explain the theory behind this, in easy to understand terms, in this video. A 3 note power chord is 2 root notes and a 5th.

To play power chords easily, you will need to know the notes on the low E string and the A string. Check out this video for more information on this:

Power chords are just one part of rhythm guitar playing, but are an essential part of rock guitar. Learning power chords will get you playing along to your favorite rock songs quickly and easily.

A really important technique to learn when playing power chords is muting. Muting with both your fretting hand and your picking hand. In this video I show you some great tips on how to mute out the strings that you don’t want to hear when you are hitting those big rock chords!

Muting techniques are especially good to master when you are playing with overdrive or distortion. If you are going for a big rock tone, then you will be wanting to use overdrive or distortion! Muting will allow you to play with high amounts of gain and have it still sound great.

Rock guitar lessons don’t always need to be about lead guitar playing!