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Guitar control knobs, guitar pickup switch… we know about these things. But do we really know what to DO with them?

A simple guitar knob on your instrument holds a massive amount of potential for epic tones that you might be missing out on.

That’s why in this video I’m going to show you 5 hacks to get WAY more sounds out of your guitar that you probably don’t know yet!

This will be a simple and fun lesson, we’re just gonna talk shop about what the guitar control knobs and guitar pickup switch can do for you, based on what I took forever to discover for myself over the years 😅

By the end of this video, you’ll think twice before wanting to “upgrade” from your current guitar!

And once you’ve got this new guitar knob magic at your disposal, you’ll wanna put them to the ultimate test!

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👆 That Cheat Sheet will take what you just learned and blast it into infinity and beyond! Imagine being able to play guitar licks in EVERY key under the sun and get an exponential amount of sounds with your guitar control knobs and guitar pickup switch! That’s what you’ll get when you click that link!

As you’re applying these new tone tricks, just remember to take your time and have fun with it! Maybe even teach them to someone else and pay it forward. 🙂

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