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Guitar Store Lick

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There are two types of guitar players at a guitar shop: those that play memorable badass licks and those who don’t. Which are you??

This lesson is going to show you a simple guitar lick that falls in the ranks of guitar shop guitar lick badassery. When you plug into an amp and bust out this baby, you will earn the respect of everyone who hears it!

And this ain’t your typical guitar shop guitar lick! This time we’ll venture out of the pentatonic box and do something different.

What I love about this guitar lick is that it’s actually a pretty simple guitar lick once you break it down.

So break it down we shall! I will show you, note-for-note, how this easy guitar lick is played and can make you sound LEAGUES ahead of whatever level you’re currently playing in!
So next time you find yourself in a public setting and you want to own the room with your guitar, bust out this guitar lick and everyone around you will know that you know what you’re doing 😉

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