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Become the Blues Guitar
LEGEND You Dreamed Of…

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In this short lesson we’re going to learn how to play blues guitar, and I’m talking about REAL blues guitar, the stuff that the entire foundation of the blues is based on. That’s gonna be the main focus of what we accomplish today.
This isn’t exactly a “rhythm” or “lead” blues guitar lesson, per se. It’s all of it. We’re diving into the essence of the blues while still making blues guitar easy if you’re new to it.

I’ll teach you a 12-bar blues chord progression that’s loaded with blues attitude and is guaranteed to get some heads bobbin’ to the beat.

This is a blues guitar lesson that’s gonna set you up on how to play blues guitar from now on. It goes beyond just learning cool licks and gets some REAL low down dirty blues guitar under your fingers.

Since we cover so much ground in under 10 minutes, it’ll leave you plenty of time to keep this train rollin’ with more blues badassery from the Blues Solo Heatmap…

📘SPEAKING OF WHICH!! Make sure you grab your Blues Solo Heatmap for FREE here!

👆 That is going to show how to write killer blues solos of your own and know EXACTLY how to visualize the fretboard to do that. It’ll take all the guesswork out of it for you and you can go STRAIGHT into playing all the right notes for blazin’ blues solos!

I’m so excited to know that your blues guitar solos are going to be incredible after taking this lesson. Just remember my #1 rule to have fun with what you learn, experiment with it, and pay it forward by showing it to someone else and giving a blues guitar lesson of your own 🙂

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