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Want to add some open-string spice to your blues guitar licks repertoire?

Like in all good blues guitar lessons, we’ll be learning some blues guitar licks that take simple pentatonic ideas and make them sound professional and interesting! At the end of the day, that’s the sound we all want.

These particular blues guitar licks cover a variety of techniques that will improve your abilities on how to play blues guitar, as well as how to play guitar scales in general.

I’ll break down each of these blues guitar licks for you, one by one, and cover the techniques necessary that you’ll need to pull these off right.

If you’re wanting to improve on how to play guitar scales, these blues guitar licks will add a new element of attitude and mojo that’ll definitely turn some heads!

You can play these along with a backing track, at a jam session with friends, or even when it’s just you and your guitar. NOTHING is off limits.

I want you to have a BLAST with these blues guitar lessons! So take full advantage of what we have to offer and go play yourself some sexy blues guitar licks 🙂

Shred on 🤘🏼 – Eddie