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Who doesn’t like a good blues chord progression? And who woulda thought that you could play the 12 bar blues ALL DAY LONG with just ONE ultra simple chord shape?!

Today we’re taking a look at how the pros like to play the blues, which is much simpler than you might think! It’s not always about playing complex blues guitar chords.

In fact, it involves much more “stripped down” versions of blues guitar chords when playing the 12 bar blues. So stripped down, in fact, that you’ll be playing just ONE chord shape the whole way through!

I’ll explain and break down these blues guitar chords and how you can pull them off just by using this one simple shape. Then we’ll talk about how to apply it in a 12 bar blues context.

This will not only simplify the way that you play the blues, but it’ll also show your fellow musician buddies that you know how to sit in a band mix like a PRO!