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3 Lazy Slide Guitar Licks
In Standard Tuning

Slide Guitar For The
Lazy Guitarist


Don’t you love the sound of a glass guitar slide up against those strings?

I feel like slide guitar is a fine art in and of itself. Sometimes that can make it seem intimidating to learn, especially when a lot of people who teach slide guitar lessons suggest you make all these adjustments to your instrument before you should even attempt to start learning.

But I think that’s crazy! if you own a guitar there’s literally nothing that should stop you from learning how to play slide guitar! That’s what I designed these 3 slide guitar licks for, so you can play them right away with your guitar just as it is!

That also means that we get to keep our guitars in standard tuning when playing these slide guitar licks. We’re only interested in keepin’ it “lazy” over here with these slide guitar lessons 😉

You can grab your glass guitar slide (or chrome, or brass, or whatever cylindrical object floats your boat!) and play out these licks by themselves (I think they sound awesome played solo) OR you could find a sweet backing track in the key of D and throw these slide guitar licks on top!

I’ll break down each of these slide guitar licks for you, one by one, and cover the techniques necessary that you’ll need to pull these off right.

If you’re wanting to improve on how to play slide guitar, these licks will give you a whole new appreciation of your glass guitar slide. Just remember my #1 rule, to experiment and HAVE FUN! 🙂

I want these slide guitar lessons to give you an edge on your understanding of how to play slide guitar. And you’ll be amazed at how even playing slide guitar the “lazy” way will turn some heads when your friends and family hear you play!!

Rock On 🤘🏼
Guitar Mastery Method

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