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Ahhh the blues scale in A… virtually everyone’s favorite scale in almost everyone’s favorite key! But how many of us REALLY use the full extent of it?

In this video we take the beloved blues scale in A and put it under a microscope of sorts. We’re going to examine every single note in the scale to see what really makes it tick.

I break down the blues scale in A, note for note, to get a feel for what sounds we can really get out of this thing beyond just playing the scale up and down.

After all, playing a scale up and down is just exercise, you’re not making music.

So by knowing what each note of the blues scale in A can give us, we can start creating musical phrases and sound more and more like our blues heroes!

The most exciting part about this lesson will be showing you how to do all of this BEFORE you even try playing the blues scale in A at a jam or to a backing track! Just you and your guitar, the way it was always meant to be 🙂

Once you can make the blues scale in A sound killer just by yourself, imagine how much of a badass you’re gonna be when you play to a backing track, or with friends or a band.

When that happens, be ready for getting stank faces from everyone watching and listening. That’s the highest compliment a musician can get!

Take what you learned from this video and show the blues scale in A who’s boss. No longer are those scales gonna play YOU!

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