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String bending is a vital guitar technique to know if you want to be a lead guitarist. But when you first start, learning how to string bend on the guitar can be tough! At least to get it to sound good. Luckily, I have this video lesson for you right here 😉

Something a lot of guitarists struggle with when they first start string bending is bending the string to the correct note. Obviously, bending to a wrong note is just as bad as playing out of tune. There are a million guitar lessons out there but very few nail down into the specifics of what it takes to bend a guitar string correctly. If you’re in the stage of learning how to pull it off correctly, you’ll know exactly what I mean by – a lot of things can go wrong…

So as the online guitar lesson above explains, you first need to bend the string to the right note. But you also need to make sure that no other strings are going to make any unwanted noise. There are a few techniques you can use that are explained in the lesson above.

Another thing you have to be careful of is that the string above the one you’re bending doesn’t slide under your finger and meet up with that bent string… Or else when you release the bend, more unwanted noise. The way you get around this is by practicing getting the string above to sit right on top of your finger, not underneath it where the string you are bending is. It can take some practice but will become second nature soon enough.

When you’re learning how to play the guitar with online guitar lessons, it’s crucial you pay extra special care to what the teacher is saying as it’s easy to miss something. That’s why I always make HUGE deals about tiny details to make sure you know exactly what you need to do to pull off the technique.

Once you have string bending down, you can, of course, add in other techniques with it, like vibrato at the top which sounds great. And you can also start bending the strings in different ways, but I’ll cover those techniques in another lesson.

I hope you enjoyed this guitar lesson as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

Practice your string bending and take your guitar solos up a notch!