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Here’s one for the more advanced players, or those of you that want to learn some licks that will really stretch out your fingers.

It’s REALLY important that you stretch and warm-up your fingers and hands before attempting any of these licks. Watch this video first for stretches to go through.

These licks are a great way to stretch out your fingers, and increase your ability to reach further across the fretboard. The added bonus is that they sound really cool and impressive 😉

Even if you have small hands, these licks are achievable. I don’t have big hands, but making sure I warm-up and stretch has given me the ability to stretch across the fretboard, as you can see in the video.

Also of great importance is to take these licks SLOWLY! If the stretching causes any pain then stop and rest straight away.

Make sure you practice these licks with a clean tone and a metronome. That way you can hear every note coming out and also be working on your timing as well. Once you have the licks down, crank up the gain and let it rip!!