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When you play the guitar, do you find that your fingers, hands, wrists or forearms get sore quickly and cause you to have to put the guitar down for a while?

One of the common causes for this is not stretching and warming up the muscles and tendons in your hands and arms properly before playing.

In this video lesson I will show you the most essential stretches that every guitar player needs to be doing before picking up the guitar to play or practice.

You can also do these stretches at any time during your practice session if you feel tension in your muscles. All these stretches can, and should, be done when you are away from your guitar as well.

Stretching and playing the guitar should never cause pain. So if you are experiencing any pain when stretching or playing, stop and consult a medical professional right away! Some mild discomfort is normal when stretching out muscles and tendons in your fingers, hands, wrists and arms, but not pain.

Your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms are all used extensively in guitar playing, so looking after the muscles and tendons in these places is really important. In this video I show you simple to do massages and stretches to use for all these parts of the body.

These stretches will not only allow you to play the guitar longer without fatigue, but they will improve your ability to stretch further across the fretboard as well.

Stretching is just part of the best practices to maintain your guitar playing muscles. A healthy diet and watching your intake of alcohol (and other substances) can also have a big effect on your body’s ability to perform and recover from guitar playing and rigorous practice sessions. Look after your body well, and your guitar playing will certainly benefit from it 🙂