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Being able to easily combine playing a rhythm part and playing some lead licks on the guitar can be a real challenge.

In this video lesson I will show you some easy to learn blues licks, which use the pentatonic scale. I also show you how can play them in between rhythm parts, to be your own one-person-band 🙂

Switching between playing rhythm and lead is something the pros do very often, and it is a vital skill to have. Add to that it just sounds great as well!

Being able to throw in a lead lick when you are playing rhythm sounds great, and will have people really want to listen to you play!

This technique is great to use if you are jamming by yourself, as it helps work on your timing, your ability to move around the fretboard and it definitely sounds very cool too.

Playing these licks, and the shuffle blues rhythm, to a metronome or drum track will really help to get the timing down, and make everything flow smoother.

Whether you are the only guitarist in a band, or play with other guitarists, these techniques will be invaluable in adding some spice and variety to your rhythm guitar playing.