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Jimi Hendrix was a true pioneer of electric guitar playing. He is one of those guitar players that, as soon as you hear him, you know exactly who is playing.

In any list of the greatest guitarists of all time, you will find Jimi Hendrix. He was a master of bringing the most out of his guitar, and sometimes pushing it beyond its limits, whether it was a Flying V or a Fender Stratocaster 🙂

His influence was wide spread as well. Most pro guitar players will cite Jimi Hendrix as one of their influences.

As well as recording just three studio albums in his short career, Hendrix appeared on many other peoples’ recordings, further showing his great versatility as a musician.

In this video lesson I will show you, note-by-note, 3 licks in the style of Jimi Hendrix, that you can learn and put into your own playing.

Some of the key parts of Hendrix’s playing was his use of bending, double stops, unison bends and also his amazing vibrato. The licks in this lesson all incorporate these important parts of Jimi’s playing style.

Hendrix was known for his great and very effective use of fuzz and distortion. So crank up the gain on your amp, or plug into your favorite dirty sounding stomp box, and let rip with these licks 😉