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Without a doubt, one of the most expressive and emotive guitar players of all time is Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. His guitar solos are always memorable and full of great techniques that we can learn a lot from.

His guitar solos from tracks like Comfortably Numb, The Wall and many others are timeless classics of guitar playing.

One of the hallmarks of his playing is his phrasing, using bends and vibrato (both with his fingers and with his whammy bar!). David Gilmour is also a master of leaving space for the notes to breathe, and to make a statement, and this is a great lesson that all guitar players can learn so much from. In a guitar solo the notes you don’t play can sometimes be more important than the notes you do play!

Not only is Gilmour a master of the electric guitar, he is also an amazing acoustic guitar player, for example his playing in Wish You Were Here is an instant classic.

In this video lesson I will show you, note-by-note, 3 signature David Gilmour licks that you can learn, and incorporate his style and phrasing into your own guitar solo playing. I focus on his bending techniques, his use of vibrato and his exceptional note choices.

Another thing that Gilmour is a master of is taking a simple set of notes and shaping them into beautiful melodies. Whether it’s the notes of a pentatonic scale played with feeling and great phrasing, or using more complex minor and major scales and modes, everything Gilmour plays is what is right for the song.

Great bending technique is a huge part of getting the Gilmour sound, checkout this video on Advanced Guitar Bending Exercises for some more tips to get your bends sounding awesome:

Take your time with these 3 licks, as there is a lot covered.

And remember: leave space for each note to tell a story 🙂