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Jazz Up Your 12 Bar Blues Rhythm!

Get ready to change how you play 12 bar blues rhythm from now on!

In this video I’ll introduce you to a rhythm concept borrowed from jazz music called “comping”. This will break you out of the cowboy blues box and get you playing 12 bar blues chords in a whole new way.

When you’re jamming a 12 bar blues song with a band or with another guitar player, it’s important to know where you sit in the mix. If the other guitar player has you covered with playing the basic cowboy blues riff, this gives you a chance to comp some sweet 12 bar blues chords and look like a pro while you’re at it!

I’ll break down for you, piece-by-piece, each of these chords in the 12 bar blues progression and show you how to use the techniques involved.

The blues chord progression is in the key of A, and the chord patterns are the same over each chord of the 12 bar blues progression. I show you how you can find the patterns over each of the 12 bar blues chords!

Personally, this concept of rhythm playing made me LOVE playing rhythm guitar just as much as lead guitar. That’s not so easy to do (haha)

And with this kickstart into comping that we go over in the video, you’ll never play blues chord progressions the same way again! You’ll now have a new way to play rhythm guitar that emulates other elements of a band ensemble like a horn section or a blues harp.

If you’re not afraid to go a little further down the rabbit hole of jazz, in the video I cover some subtle techniques you can use to play the 12 bar blues progression with an even jazzier flair!

Remember to take your time with this and take note of all the subtleties that make this such a great way to change up your 12 bar blues rhythm. Don’t forget to have fun with it! 

Rock On 🤘🏼
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