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Who’d’ve thought just ONE scale can be so effective for playing in EVERY musical key??

In this video I show you the most popular guitar scale pattern ever, and how to play all over the neck with it. Meaning you’ll be able to play it over any musical key you can possibly think of!

But learning a scale is one thing, making music with it is another. So when I show you how to play this scale, you can bet that I’m also gonna throw in some killer licks for you to play as well. And the best part? You can move these licks over any key in the exact same way that you can move the scale itself!

I’ll break down the licks for you, piece-by-piece, and demonstrate the different ways they can be used. Over different keys, but also different musical genres!

Speaking of which, here are the links to the backing tracks used in the video:

Rock in A, Blues Shuffle in C and Hard Rock in E

That just goes to show how versatile and effective this scale is. It can be used over countless genres and styles and it’ll never get boring if you know how to use it. We’ll learn the licks in the key of A, but I’ll show you how they can be EASILY moved to different keys with a shift of the hand. That’s really all it takes!

An added bonus to this lesson (which I would actually consider the most significant part) is that I’ll show you how to name ALL of the notes of the musical alphabet, including sharps and flats, with just one string!

Noticing a theme here? 😄

Revealing that to you is what is going to give you the ability to play all over the neck with the scale as well as the licks.

Let this lesson be a springboard for you to get comfortable with playing in any key. You can steal the licks I teach you, or you can find ways to break them up and make them your own. Either way, don’t forget to have fun with it!

Rock On 🤘🏼
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