The Parts Of The Guitar

The Parts Of The Guitar

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Do you know the names of all the parts of your guitar? Bridge, tuners, frets, soundhole, tail pin, etc.?

In this video I will show you all the parts of an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar, so that when you are talking to other guitarists, or watching guitar lessons, you will have an understanding of what all the parts are that are being referred to.

You will also find that when it comes time to replace, repair or upgrade parts of your guitar, you will need to know the names of all of these parts.

Not all guitars have all the same parts, in this video I show you a standard acoustic and electric guitar, with the most common parts on them.

About the Author

Owen Vickers is a professional guitarist and online guitar teacher (exclusively for Guitar Mastery Method). Owen has played and taught guitar for over 25 years. He spends much of his spare time playing many different sports. He currently lives in his home country of New Zealand.