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If you ever find that your guitar licks are lacking in feeling or emotion, there could be many different things that cause this. From using the wrong gear, to not knowing what to be practicing.

But science has proven that the number one cause of a lack of emotion in your guitar playing is caused by using the wrong facial expressions!

In this video lesson I explain the correct way to use facial expressions to instantly improve your guitar playing, and your ability to move the audience (sometimes this may cause them to move to the exit door, but mostly it will move them emotionally…).

Don’t worry, this isn’t a serious video 😉 But it does bring up an important point; that guitar playing should be all about ‘letting go’, having fun and making a statement with every note you play.

For a more serious look into this subject, and some great tips and techniques you can use to get more emotion in your guitar playing, check out this video: