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Using Pentatonic Boxes!

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Pentatonic scales – They’re the go to for almost every guitar player when it comes to guitar solos.

And maybe you’ve also tried the CAGED system to solo too.

Sure CAGED is great to know – but what you want right now are the tools and knowledge to play your great sounding solos as quickly as possible right?

So here’s where you might be going wrong when it comes to the pentatonic scale and playing guitar solos.

Rather than using fragments of the pentatonic scale to be creative and come up with cool sounding licks to add to your solos…

As many as 99% of my guitar students have become completely trapped by it. And as a result, all your creativity is being sucked from your guitar playing!

The pentatonic box is going to save your guitar solos and make it completely effortless to come up with cool licks and ideas in just seconds.

Instead of using the entire pentatonic scale which makes us feel like we constantly have to be moving around the frets and bouncing up and down strings…

The pentatonic box forces us to be creative using just a small chunk of the pentatonic scale.

Limiting the amount of notes on your guitar means you can now maximize your ideas and really squeeze everything you can out of every note.

Combine this with your free Fretboard Conveyor Belt cheat sheet, and you’ll now have some fresh lead licks and patterns you can instantly plug into your solos.

You’ll never be stuck playing boring guitar solos ever again.