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Choosing the Right Scale
Every Single Time

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So you’re an aspiring lead guitarist…

Your audience might love your pentatonic guitar solos, but us guitarists know you’ve rehearsed that “improvised” pentatonic-scale solo a thousand times.

You now have 4 guitar scales that I find myself using for almost every solo. In fact, you’ve probably seen me use these a dozen times before.

These are no harder to play than your trusty pentatonic scale pattern – in fact, some of them are just 1 or 2 notes different. Which means they’re perfect for any beginner or intermediate lead guitarist who’s needing a bit more spice with their guitar playing.

I’ve heard from thousands of guitar players who swear they’ve tried every possible variation of notes on their fretboard… yet they still suck.

And guess what…

They’re also the exact same guitar players who have used nothing other than the pentatonic guitar scale since they first picked up guitar all those years ago.

And after giving my students just 1 extra guitar scale pattern to use in their guitar playing, their solos are instantly sounding incredible, and there’s definitely no lack of creativity.

Pair these 4 basic scale patterns with your free Fretboard Conveyor Belt cheat sheet, and watch your fretboard finally come to life.