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6 Guitar Solo Hacks

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Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Slash…

6 of the GREATEST guitarists to ever walk the planet, with 6 of the most epic guitar solo hacks and tricks known to mankind.

And you’re gonna steal these from me, right now!

After helping over 1 million guitar players with Guitar Mastery Method, I’m well aware of how much pain the average guitarist experiences when it comes to playing solos that sound great.

Why waste your time trying to be “creative” with your solos when you can use the exact tricks that the legends used to inspire millions of us.

Listen, I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying these 6 guitarists since the moment I picked up guitar…

And I can guarantee you right now that using just a single 1 of these 6 legendary soloing hacks for yourself is going to transform your guitar playing, just like it’s done for me.

So get your hands on these must know guitar solo hacks, and have your solos sounding just like your favorite guitarists’.

.. If you’ve been here before then you’ll understand that, as fun as it is, you shouldn’t just pack your solos full of these 6 hacks…

The real magic of these hacks shines through when you surround your solos with more gentle phrases, and build up to the peak!

And that’s exactly what this free soloing cheat sheet will help you accomplish with your guitar playing.