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Play The Blues Scale (Minor Pentatonic)
+ Major Pentatonic Scales

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Blues scales, minor pentatonic scales, major pentatonic scales… You need to know how to use these, right!?

BUT there’s so much info out there on blues scales, minor pentatonic, and major pentatonic — how do you even get started?

Well, in this step-by-step guitar lesson on the major pentatonic scale & the minor pentatonic scale, I’m going to break it down for you into the ONLY 2 pentatonic scales you’ll ever need, so you can play pretty much anything you want to…

You’ll finally understand how to improvise on the fly like a true pro using the pentatonic scales, with a little added blues scale throughout.

After teaching over a million guitar players online with Guitar Mastery Method, you’ve gotta know, when it comes to the pentatonic scales, or blues scale, there’s far too many un-answered questions guitar players, just like you, are still having…

This guitar lesson is guaranteed to give you further insight so you can use these pentatonic scales more than those damn pentatonic scales are using you!

Jam along with me for:

Play The Blues Scale (Minor Pentatonic) + Major Pentatonic Scales on your Guitar

And let’s boost your confidence when it comes to playing the pentatonic scales in your everyday guitar playing.

Eddie “Pentatonic-Scale-Mad” Haddad
Guitar Mastery Method

P.S. Pentatonic scales get a lot of stick… Maybe that’s ‘cause you’re not using these pentatonics… they’re likely using you!”

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