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You and I need to talk…

But we won’t be using boring ‘words’… We’ll be using our guitars!

And by the time you’re done watching this interactive lesson, you’ll be comfortable having a ‘blues’ conversation with any other guitarist in the room.

This is the classic ‘call and response’ technique, where 2 guitarists are on stage, answering each other using blues licks.

And to get you ready to ‘talk the talk’, I’m going to show you 5 grimy, right-in-the-gut blues licks you can easily pick-up and play.

Once you’ve got them under your belt, that’s when you and I gets to talkin’!

Near the end of the video, we’ll go toe to toe… and you’ll be ready for me.

I’ll put on a classic Chicago Blues backing track, and then I’ll go first with a lick, before nodding you in for your response.

There’s no hurry! You can take your time and play these licks at your own pace.

And the really cool part? You can always adjust the speed of the video, turning this Chicago Blues jam into a stroll, until you’re comfortable playing at speed.

This type of playing is one of THE best parts of being a guitarist – when you’re onstage, having a ‘conversation’ with another guitarist using only your instruments.

It’s electric. And in this video, you’ll get a taste of what it’s all about.

Hope you enjoy it. And if I see you onstage, let’s shoot some blues licks at each other!

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