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5 Mistakes You Are
Making As A Guitarist

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Here’s 5 mistakes you’re probably making that are killing your progress…

And the worst part is… you might not even know you’re doing it!

Hey, I was definitely guilty of making these mistakes when I was starting out…

So today I want to not only show you what these 5 killers are, but also provide you with some easy hacks that will allow you to transform these weaknesses into monster strengths.

The really cool part is that all of these ‘mistakes’ are linked.

Fix the first one, and you’ll sound amazing. But fix them all and it’s like you’re a guitarist5 to the power of 5.

By lesson’s end you’ll have more control, more dynamic playing, a better guitar voice and an ability to take stale, boring scales and make them sound like you’re soloing with Satriani.

So dive in! And toss those shackles that are holding you back into the fire, and let’s reforge them into a piece of armour that makes you bulletproof on the guitar.

You gotta love it,

Guitar Mastery Method