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Add Personality to BORING
Guitar Solos (Here’s How!)

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Solo In Any Key


Time to kiss those bland, boring solos goodbye…

Because in this video, I’m going to smother your guitar playing in hot sauce and have every single note you play packed full of flavor, from this day onward!

We’ll be using 4 licks, each harnessing a different technique to maximise your playing personality.

You’ll first play a lick using unison bends, a technique that just screams personality. These intertwined notes are easy to execute and create a ton of tension in your playing.

Next up, ghost bends. This pick-scraping, low moaning lick is another way to thrust added creativity and tension into what you’re playing.

Then, we’ll throw in a lil Van Halen-esque string-droning for added flavor to the jam…

Before finishing with some beautiful vibrato, where I show you the secret to really making each note pop off your fretboard.

All 4 techniques are easy, super fun to play, and you’ll be able to implement them into your playing style immediately.

So get ready for more attention every time you pick up your guitar! Because with these techniques, you’ll transform from someone who simply hits the right notes and expects magic to happen, to someone who plays the notes with feeling, passion, and personality.

And that, my friend, is one step further on your journey to guitar greatness.

See you in the video!