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Best Guitar Tuning?
Drop D Riff

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One finger is ALL you need to make your guitar sound like a blues-y, power packed riff monster…

Once you use my favorite alternate-tuning on your guitar!

In this video, you’ll discover how ‘Drop D’ tuning radically changes how your guitar sounds and plays.

It’s quick to set up, sounds flat-out awesome and also makes playing your guitar easier.

Once I show you how to tune up your guitar, you and I will dive fingers-first into a kickass riff you can play with little more than a single finger.

And it’s the kind of riff that’s guaranteed to make you go ‘hell yeah!’ once you’re done.

So crank that amp, follow my lead and get ready to dive into it with this guitar tuning and riffery to put a wicked smile on your face.

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