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Ain’t nothing like a badass blues riff, am I right?

But what if you could play a badass blues riff that also served as a killer exercise to make you a better guitar player? That’s what we’re gonna explore in this lesson!

I’m going to show you a blues riff exercise that is not just designed for sharpening your technique, it’s also a PERFECT blues riff to bust out at a jam.

I should know, because I’ve played this blues riff at jams many, many times!

This blues exercise is a spin on a familiar 12-bar blues riff that really takes things up a notch with honing your technique as a guitar player.

I’ll break down the blues riff, piece-by-piece, and show you how to play it using the proper techniques to get the absolutely most out of it.
When you play this blues riff exercise, it will improve your pull-offs, your hand synchronization, precise picking techniques, speed, and more! It’s just an all-around excellent blues riff for leveling up your playing!

Did I mention it also sounds super cool? 😎 It’s not every day that you get to practice a blues exercise in a way that doesn’t even sound like practice.

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When you’re playing this blues riff exercise make sure to find a starting tempo that is comfortable for you to play it perfectly, then work your way up from there. But all in all, make sure that no matter what you are having loads of FUN!!

Rock On!
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