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Get ready to capture the spirit of the late, great BB King with this mother of a blues lick!

Of all the blues licks you must know, it’s absolutely essential to learn a blues lick in homage to one of the greatest blues guitar players to ever live. That’s what this lesson will give you.

In the video I show you the blues lick, how it relates to the style of BB King licks, then I break it down for you piece-by-piece to get you playing it right away!

The blues lick is in the key of A, and it’s the perfect blues lick to get you out of the first position pentatonic box.

Because it wouldn’t be the most appropo of BB King licks if it weren’t played within the “BB Box” pentatonic scale, which is the third position. I show you exactly where that is located on your fretboard.

This is one of those blues guitar licks that’s chock FULL o’ flavor. You can throw this over any blues jam or backing track and sound like the legend himself!

A bit of warning though: once you learn a high-caliber blues lick like this, there’s no going back. Then the fun begins and you get to start creating extra tasty and soulful blues guitar licks for your own trick bag.

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👆 That is going to show how to write killer blues solos of your own and know EXACTLY how to visualize the fretboard to do that. It’ll take all the guesswork out of it for you and you can go STRAIGHT into playing all the right notes for blazin’ blues solos!

There is so much to learn when observing the subtleties of legendary blues players like BB King, and this blues lick was written with all of that in mind. So don’t forget my #1 rule and have loads of fun with this!